The Bard of Windmill Hill                      - Word Wizardry - Bristol Storyteller of the Year 2014
My latest book, 'Where There's Tea, There's Hope' is available from me or from the Arnolfini book shop in central Bristol. To purchase directly send £9 (to include p & p) to 3 Somerset Terrace, Windmill Hill, Bristol. 

My first three books were: Diamonds in the Desert (2007), Children of the Fire (2011) and Taking Stock (2011). These titles have all sold out. Some comments on these books:
“I like the philosophical aspects”  Matt Harvey, poet and broadcaster 
“Really crafted… the range and tone is huge” Phil Hammond, broadcaster and writer 
“A literary gem”  Bristol Evening Post  
"Very sensual and juicy, very distinctive" Alison Evans, Bristol Folk Festival
The following poetry films by Bristol based producer Diana Taylor, are available to view on  at taylor9ization : 'Cityscape', ‘Arabian Eruption’, ‘Tescopoly’ and ‘Secrets of the Garden’.  Some of these films have won awards at film festivals.
I have written book reviews for 'Bristol Festival of Ideas' and 'Community Care'.

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